Our Quarantine Kitchen Accomplishments

November 09, 2020

This time, on Foodie Buddies: more tacos, results from a game that wasn't played, quarantine kitchen accomplishments, "LinkedIn endorsements", and some topsy turvy dessert thoughts.


1:16Less tacos in this episode?
1:17More tacos.
4:50Talking through alphabet soup results from episode 1. Observant listeners may have noticed that alphabet soup wasn't played in episode 1. This is called a continuity error. Let's pretend that alphabet soup was played in episode 1, and the letter rolled was C :)
5:50Scott talks through a hummus recipe (worth noting that the chickpeas referred to are canned, not dried)
10:55Kelly talks through chana masala
13:40Making smaller, easier, healthier food decisions
16:35Quarantine kitchen accomplishments
16:55Sourdough bread!
26:40Pantry pasta!
36:05Food-related Instagram!
36:45Kelly mentions her food Instagram handle. It has since been renamed to @plants_n_plates
40:32Let's play 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'
41:10Scott tackles sweet pizza
44:10Kelly talks about making vegan cookies
48:30Kelly tackles savory cupcakes