Kelly's Kalamity

December 07, 2020

In the fourth episode of Foodie Buddies, Kelly congratulates Scott on finally ordering takeout after 6+ months in quarantine. Let’s be honest, that’s a huge accomplishment. The duo also play "Kelly’s Kalamity" for the first time. Scott gives Kelly the difficult task of veganizing a BLT sandwich, and Kelly surprises him with her ingenuity.

Scott, however, dazzles Kelly with his insider knowledge of what makes the best wine add-in, and Kelly talks about soup. Finally, we tackle a brand new game, lazily called "The Instagram Thing," where the pair talks through recipes found on one anothers’ Instagram accounts. Want to see the final outcomes for yourself? Follow Kelly at @plants_n_plates and Scott at @nbbdog11 on Instagram.

Note: This was recorded back in August. So when we talk about seasonal things, we’re talking about the summer/fall transition.


1:02Breaking News: Scott FINALLY ordered takeout (and the reason you should call to place your order).
8:30The buddies play "Kelly’s Kalamity," where Kelly tries to veganize a traditionally meat-based recipe. It gets droolworthy. It gets veganized at 14:45.
23:05Peaches make the best wine complement.

Soups are so hot right now.

Vegan corn chowder recipe Kelly referenced

34:45Late night cookie bakin’.
37:25Introducing ‘The Instagram Thing’...a new game that clearly needs a name! Scott tells us about steak teriyaki tacos, and Kelly talks about, you guessed it, tacos! But buffalo cauliflower tacos.