Vermouth-Making Adventures, Tacos are a Cooking Style, and the Best Food Media

January 04, 2021

We get to know Scott better on this sixth episode of Foodie Buddies. In a format called “3x3,” Kelly interviews Scott by asking him about 3 themes, and Scott gives 3 answers per theme (for all you math geeks out there, that’s 9 topics total :) ).

Scott reflects on his top 3 standout cooking memories, including favorite meals with friends and a liquor-loving adventure in vermouth. He shares his 3 favorite styles of cooking — and, yes, tacos IS a style of cooking — and his 3 food-related media recommendations.

Kelly and Scott also introduce a brand new segment: tip du jour. We’ll provide a tip for cooking, kitchen organization, or nutrition at the beginning of each (some?) episode that you can apply for easier and more enjoyable kitchen moments.


4:08Tip Du Jour: Clean As You Go
6:20Dishwasher management strategies?
9:50Kelly introduces the 3x3 interview format
10:20Scott correctly calculates that there should be 9 answers total (3 times 3)
12:003 standout moments Scott has had in the kitchen
13:05Standout moment #1: Making vermouth
15:25Scott describes what vermouth is like
15:55Standout moment #2: Grilling for 20-ish friends
18:15Standout moment #3: Friendsgiving 2019
21:20Scott's 3 favorite cooking styles
21:45Favorite style of cooking #1: BBQ
23:00Favorite style of cooking #2: Tacos (it counts)
24:40Favorite style of cooking #3: Italian
25:50Scott's top 3 food-related media recommendations
26:50Media recommendation #1: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. The book and the Netflix show
30:20Media recommendation #2: Binging with Babish on YouTube
34:05Media recommendation #3: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt on YouTube
38:00Standout moment #4 (this one is a bonus): Hosting an Oktoberfest party.